Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Fam,

Mauri everyone, It's good hearing how people are doing. As for me I had a great week, my new companion has been great. its really nice having a companion who is motivated and wants to work hard, (the only thing that might not be good is we both came from having Kiribati comps so we probably talk in English to much) but we definitely worked hard this week and saw some miracles because of it. This week we really needed to find some new people to teach so we actually fasted last Sunday to find people and we where led to people.Here's one cool story, we had a long hot morning on Wednesday we walked over the causeway to the other part of our area called Nanikai and our first few lessons and our backup plans all fell through so we where standing under a tree trying to decide what to do and all the sudden a bird pooped all over my arm, at first I thought it was just another bad thing but after wiping it of with some leaves I wanted to wash it off so we went to a members house washed my arm off and then we asked if they knew anyone we could go see and they told us about a less active couple to go see and we ended up having a really cool lesson we the guy his name was Titaake. Hopefully that will go somewhere and we can help them come back. But the coolest thing that happened was on Friday things started off much the same as the other time, we where in that same area it was a really hot day,both of us felt really tired ,and we started with a couple appointments falling through, then we had a lesson with a less active guy which went for two hours because he just wouldn't stop talking. Neither of us could get much of a word in (I seriously almost fell asleep). So that didn't go to well and then we went to our appointment with a new couple we had just gotten a referral for and turned out they had gone to an outer island for a week. We where able to teach one of our other investigators that lives in the same house (its a members house) and that went well but really not the day we where hoping for. So then we decided to visit this other less active guy we have been teaching and he wasn't there but some other people in his house told us to come eat, I really didn't particularly want to when I saw what they where eating,but we joined them. There was one guy there who we hadn't really seen before, after we ate Elder Pearson asked if he had met with Elders before. He hadn't but said he would like to so we started to set an appointment, but he asked if we could teach him right then. We obviously said yes so we started teaching a little bit and it seemed to go well, he seemed interested and then at the end of the lesson he started talking and that's when I got blown away. He said he had read the pamphlets we had left with the less active guy and he had also started reading the book of Mormon and said he felt something inside when he read, he asked us how can I change my life and follow Christ. We where both blown away. We him taught again on Saturday and he came to church on Sunday.

Well my time is about up so I will close but, I love you all and hope to hear from more of you next week.

P.S. People outside the fam can email me if they want.

-Elder Norton

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