Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear mom,

I'm doing fine here, my area is great. We haven't been doing as much teaching as I would like, this past week we seemed to have a lot of appointments fall thorough, but we did get some new people this week.We had one really cool lesson with a couple last week, it was our first lesson and we taught the plan of salvation it went really well. They understood everything really well, but then at the end of the lesson Elder Flynn had them read a couple verses from Moroni 8 the husband(Tekautu) started reading and then couldn't finish because he started crying his wife finished it. Afterward he explained that they had just had a two year old child pass away last year. It was really cool, they said they finally felt peace. They knew where their child was and that they wanted to work hard to end up in the same place. The bad part was that Tekautu was about to leave to work on a ship and has now left. We are going to keep teaching his wife. His daughter has been taking the lessons for a while and should get baptized this week.
I feel bad about Brother Rollins they sent me a Christmas card and I never sent anything back, tell Sister Rollins I said hello. How are the Arruda's, does dad still home teach them? Its good to hear that Oli came to the ward party.
Tell Mattie I'm not sure if Christina will email or send letters, they asked for your address so i'm not sure.
Well I don't really have much else to say from my end. I did just get called as the new district leader, and I'm really not looking forward to it. I would say I don't know why they called me but in this mission its pretty much if you are white you will probably be in leadership, its just pretty small out here there's not much to choose from. I hope everyone is doing good love ya all.

Love, Elder Norton

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