Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Fam,

First off, thanks for all the emails from everyone. It was really exiting to hear from everybody (sorry if I made people feel bad), But I really appreciate the emails. I feel bad I won't be able to answer everyone.
We had a pretty eventful week on Tuesday we met with two guys from America, which was unusual. You don't see many Americans here. We first met them last week and set a time to talk with them. They are here from some none denominational church. They said they just wanted to see what God is doing here and help with it. They are from N Carolina. We had an interesting talk (it was weird talking in English) but we actually gave them a Book of Mormon, we only had one in English and they seemed interested to read it. So that was interesting they didn't seem like they wanted to join the church but they definitely respect us. They told us to keep up the good work because they hear good things about the Mormon church here.
We had another really productive week here. We taught a lot of lessons had a lot of people at church. Best of all we had a baptism. It was an 11 year old girl her name is Maurene, she is actually from the Marshall Islands. She doesn't speak much Kiribati so we taught in English which was hard. Her Mom is half Kiribati so she speaks some Kiribati. She is a member but wasn't active, but she wanted her daughter to be baptized so we taught her and she and her mom started coming back to church. They actually live with a member family here. Things went really well for the baptism it was just really cool seeing her get baptized and her mom come back. We actually have a lot of people right now who are really close to being baptized, there should be nine in the next couple of weeks. Neither Elder Pearson or I will probably see any of our people get baptized because he is becoming ZL (which we have known for a while). We just found out that I will be transferring as well. I'm really sad about that this a good area and we have awesome people, but its not up to me I guess I will see what happens.

I love you all so much, thanks again to everyone who wrote and for all of your prayers.

Love Elder Norton

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