Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear mum,

I'm definitely not as sure as you seem to be, that I will do fine as district leader but I guess we will see. This week has had ups and downs but the ups where really good. We had a baptism this week that went pretty good (remind me to send a picture next week). We baptized Roruamwa (the daughter of the couple I told you about last week)and then Kaain a twelve year old boy. We where going to have another person Nei Meekati but as she put it she crashed with the month (or"that time" of the month). She did come and watch though and should be baptized next week. That was the best thing to happen this week that I can think of.One random question what mission is Burlington in. I ask because a guy in my branch just got his call to serve in the
Des Moines, Iowa mission, I told him if it was in his mission he needed to go baptize my Grandma. I thought that it was pretty cool that someone from little Kiribati got there call to Iowa. The two stakes here do pump out quite a few missionaries. In our branch we have two that just left , two who have there calls, and two who are waiting for their calls to come, and those are just the ones I know personally. There are a few others out who I don't know.Well I think that's about it from me I hope everything goes well with all of you.

Love, Elder Norton

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