Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Email 7/3/11

Dear fam
Mauri from Bairiki, I did get transferred. I now work in Bairiki which is more of a towny area, it's kind of weird I have been in more sparse areas before now. My new comp is Elder Pearson from Cedar City, Utah. It has been a great week, I actually found out I was transferring on Monday night and they told me to be ready to go at 7 the next morning so it was pretty sudden. I thought it would be after zone conference which was on Wednesday so it was kind of a crazy week but like said it was good. I am sad to leave Buota branch. I love the people there but this area seems good, it's actually a ward here in Bairiki (that's a first on my mission) and I am really excited to be working with Elder Pearson. He was part of the intake that came just before me so he is only a little over a month longer than me in Kiribati but he is way better at the language so hopefully I will improve my language working with him and he is a really hard worker and wants to be obedient. President did tell us that it might be for only about a month and there would probably be changes again (I think Elder Pearson will be made a zone leader, he is district leader here). I just hope to learn a lot from him while we are working together.
So that's been cool and we had a baptism this week. We taught the kid once before his baptism so I met him a couple times and he is really cool. His older sister is a member who is really faithful and I guess he showed up at church one day and said he wanted to be baptised, he is only 14. So that was cool, we also had zone conference this week which was really good, I felt really motivated afterwards. I think that's it about me for this week, I really cant think of anything I particularly need I'll think about it and if there is I will let you know. And for Mattie the email address for Christina is her dads it might be Sorry, you might have to try a couple let me know if they don't work and I will ask again (it's her dad's name but i don't know if he uses his last as well).
I hope everything goes alright with Paige I'm really exited to here next week if things have happened yet. I hope you all have a great 4th of July, the Kiribati Independence is next week so we aren't sure if the email place will be open so if you don't get an email that could be why. Anyways I love you all I will try and get some letters out soon but I think that's it for this week.

Love Elder Norton

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