Monday, October 17, 2011

Email 7/24/11 aka The Bubuti

Dear Fam (or Mom I guess)

Before I really start I have a question / *bubuti (and if only you read this Mom, show it to everyone). My question why do I only get one email a week? I have 8 siblings last I checked, and I know you are all busy I don't ask for much, it doesn't have to be long or interesting just something. It would be good for the younger kids even to practice emailing. I have tried to say this other times in a less direct way, last week when I asked for pictures of the new baby I didn't necessarily mean for Mom to do it someone else could email them. So thats my *bubuti for all of you to please email me. It doesn't need to be every week and I probably won't always be able to answer all of them at the same time, but honestly P days here are pretty Kabotu (boring) emails are like the only thing to really look forward to, not that I don't appreciate moms (since that's all I get I REALLY appreciate it). But it would be nice to hear from everyone about whats going on in their lives. Sorry I don't want to make people feel bad I know I'm not good at writing either, but just getting it out there.

Anyways enough of that, sorry about the tirade. Its really good to hear that Mattie heard from Christina I hope they can become friends her and her family are really cool (and her Grandma is one of my recent converts so that's cool). frees him up for So how is the ward doing is it still the same, meaning small? I hope the boys had a good time doing trek I'm sure they did, and that's pretty cool about Sam's drawing that someone wanted to buy, did they buy it ?
As for things for a box just whatever random stuff you think of i really just cant remember anything specific that I miss.
Me and Elder Pearson had a great week here in Bairiki we worked hard and when we added up our stats for the week it was the highest I have had on my mission so far, we taught 30 lessons and 16 of them were member present lessons (our mission goals are 25 lessons 15 mps) the coolest thing was that we had a baptism. It was a lady in her 40's named Teraumone she has been ready and waiting to be baptized for a while but she wasn't legally married so they had to wait for that. Her husband wanted to be baptized as well but he hasn't been able to stop smoking. He was so close but he just got called up to go work on a ship, he left today. So when he gets back in 10 months hopefully he will start being taught again. One other cool thing we had an investigator come to the baptism and then come to church the next day and we had 8 other investigators at church as well, it was a cool Sunday.
I think that's it for this week sorry no pics this week but I forgot some stuff at the house. I love you all I hope I hear from more of you next week.

Love Elder Norton

*The Bubuti system is used on the Pacific Island of Kiribati. It relates to the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights. Under the Bubuti System if someone is approached and says "I bubuti you for your shirt", that person is obliged to give you their shirt. However the next day you can go to the person now wearing your shirt and say "I bubuti you for your lantern", and now you have yourself a lantern.[1]

** We have since repented and are making a more valient effort at emailing on a regular basis.

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