Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Fam,

I'm doing good. I didn't get transferred yet, the new Elders haven't had problems with their visas so I didn't leave but Elder Pearson did get made zone leader.The Elder that he replaced is my companion here until the new guys come. His name is Elder Lowery and he is from Canada, eh (actually he doesn't say that). He is an interesting guy lets just say that. I will definitely be transferring. I will be going to Bonriki which is actually the same branch as buota. So I will have worked in all three areas in that district ,temaiku, buota, and bonriki. My new comps name will be Elder Flinn, I think he is from Idaho.He is on Christmas Island right now so when the new Elders come one of them will stop there and he will come here with the other three. It could be this week or the week after I don't know for sure.

Other than that nothing really exiting is happening here right now I hope everything is going good back there. I actually got an email from Tressa that was cool. I hope I don't miss any emails, we email a little bit earlier than we had before. I really can't think of much to write right now. Let everyone know that I love them ,till next week I guess, Tiabo.

Love Elder Norton

PS this is just the bathroom in the bairiki house its pretty small.

* Sorry I have not been able to get the pictures on yet.

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