Monday, October 17, 2011


Mauri Tamau, and au utu nikabeni. (Dad and all the fam)

Its good to hear from you Dad, sound's like things are going alright back home. I'm doing fine this could be really short. I'm in a little Internet place packed with little kids playing games (and tons watching). Anyway the Internet is slow and the power here has been really bad lately ,it just went out a few minutes ago and probably will again. It has been raining constantly for two days maybe that has something to do with it.Let Mattie know that Christina got the stuff she sent.
I'm doing fine don't worry about me, it has been harder being the senior comp mostly just because of who I am with. His last couple companions where good with whatever, rules really didn't mater at all, and that's not how I feel. so that creates problems, I don't think I'm going to really change his mind about things I really don't know what to do about it. The problem is now I'm the one responsible. But I know I just need to change be more blunt and patient.(a lot easier said than done)
Sorry for that really I'm fine ,we have some great people, Elder Flynn is a good missionary. I love you all I hope things go well for everyone.

Love, Elder Norton

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