Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Mum,

Things are going pretty good, it's been pretty interesting as well, if you remember Elder Pearson he just got called to be an AP and went to the Marshall's. The problem is no one came to replace him so we where missing a missionary, so Elder Flynn went to Buota with Elder Tiree and I didn't have a comp for a few days. Right now I am working with a stake missionary named Karebwa. He has received his mission call to south Africa but won't be leaving for a while so he will be working with me for a while as long as he is free, if he is busy I will find someone else. It's a little weird but Karebwa is cool.

Conference was awesome but I only ended up having one investigator come and some recent converts and a less active. But conference was so good, I always feel so good about life afterwards.

I will think of some things I might want in a box the only thing I know of right now is a jump rope. I think that's about it for now I'm about out of you heaps.

Love, Elder Norton

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