Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Mum,

I am doing well, we had a pretty slow week which kinda stunk. We just didn't get many lessons at all. But we will do better this week.One thing that happened this past week was zone conference which was really good. It was good to see President Shaw again and we had some awesome trainings from the Shaw's and others they focused a lot on obedience, which our side of the mission seems to struggle with quite a lot. It was a really good zone conference and we had a really great lunch, the senior couples did it. They had hot dogs with potato salad, and ice cream for desert. It was so good, they usually do something good for zone conference lunch but that was my favorite so far.As for my area its a pretty cool area to work in there are some really awesome people here. We do need to find more people to teach though. It is a really big area, really spread out partiality because we have the airport right in the middle of it. It's definitely different then any other airport you will probably see not just because its super small but this is Kiribati and no one really cares about much so you can just chill out on the runway any time you want to. We walk up and down it to get to lessons, people drive down it, that picture is of a super nice plane. It lands and then just sits there completely unattended(that's Elder Flynn beside it). I love Kiribati, its so random. As for my companion things are different he doesn't really care about rules much. We will see how things go.I hope everything goes well with your get together, I guess the one is probably over. I did get that box you sent thanks a ton sorry I forgot to tell you it came. I cant think of anything else I need besides the stuff I told April, I'm doing good with clothes I don't think I will really need replacements of anything through the rest of my time (and if anyone sends ties tell them just send cheap ones).

Well I think that's about it for now, not much exiting to say. I hope everything is going good with everyone. Love you all!

Love, Elder Norton

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