Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Fam,

Good to hear that things are going good back there.I hope Paige and the baby are doing good, if John or someone could email me a picture of her that would be really cool. Really any other pictures or emails from anyone would be good too.

As for us here we had an interesting week, it was the Kiribati Independence this week and all of Tarawa pretty much comes to Bairiki for the entire week. We knew we wouldn't get to teach many lessons because every one was busy (we only got 12 lessons). So we set up a stall at the celebration and gave out pamphlets, we sat there from Tuesday though Friday. It went alright but it could have been better. A big problem was since most people came here most all the missionaries came here too, but most of them just wanted to chill and not much got done some days.We did talk to some really cool people who seemed sincerely interested so hopefully something will happen with that.
So yep, I'm doing good. My comp is great to work with ,I have learned from him already and I hope I can learn a lot more.
Sorry this will be short but I had some computer problems and I don't think I have much time left so, I love ya all till next week ,tiabo.

Love Elder Norton

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