Monday, October 17, 2011


Mauri au utu,

This week started off OK and ended up pretty rough. First off I am still in Bairiki with Elder Lowery, we are just waiting for the new Elders coming from America. They Finally got there visas but their flight had already been changed to go to the Marshall Island first. So we don't really know for sure when they are coming, when they come one will stop in Christmas and my companion will come from there. Then as for Taate well that's really sad, she didn't get baptised this week. We talked to her on Thursday and she said that her husband still wanted her to go to church in the KPC first, sorry that's confusing. Her husband is really strong in the protestant church here but as we visited them he softened up a lot. At first he wouldn't let her come to church, then he said she could go to church in the Mormon Church if she went to the KPC first, so she always came to Sunday school and Sacrament meetings. He said that she could get baptized if she wanted, but they have an adopted daughter who is training to become a Minister in Fiji, because of that he felt he couldn't listen till they let her know. He wanted Taate to keep going to church with him. Well when she told us Thursday we didn't know if that would be a problem, so we talked to the Zone Leaders before the interview and they felt like she should wait. That didn't seem like a big deal. We talked with her and she said she would write her daughter and let her know she was going to be baptized. We felt like things were still OK, she would just wait a week or to until the Zone leaders could ask President Shaw. I was sad because she is one of the most ready people I have ever taught. The real kick in the gut came on Saturday when we went to visit her, she told us that when she told Botara her husband that she couldn't get baptised because she couldn't go to all of church he her told well that's Gods plan that you shouldn't go to the Mormon church and that she couldn't attend church anymore. She told us he has gone back to being really strict with her. She even said she picked up her Book Of Mormon to read on Friday and he got all mad at her and said you can't get baptised so whats the point of you reading in that book, so she can't even read know. We had a good talk with her and told her not to give up but she seemed pretty hopeless about it all so we gave her a blessing of comfort, that was good. She already has a strong testimony of the Priesthood because Pearson and I gave her a blessing once when she was sick and she told us it helped her, so I hope she felt comforted. Hopefully things will all work out we have been praying really hard to know what to do and I'm still not really sure, but I know it will work out.
So anyway it wasn't all bad this week, we should have a few people getting baptized this Saturday so that should be good. The lady in the picture is one that will get baptized this week her name is Mireta, her husband was less active before but they have been coming lately, so definitely some good stuff is happening. Well I don't know of much else that happened this week. That's cool that mMattie got a letter from Wana shes cool. I gave Her your address but I didn't know if she would write so I asked Christina as well.
Well I love you all thanks for the emails p-days have been a lot more enjoyable lately. So I will talk to ya all next week.

Love, Elder Norton

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