Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Mom
We had a great week here, I'm sorry to hear that people are sick.
That's cool that you have seen the Shaw's blog but try and find the
Bonemorts blog, that will be more about this side of the mission. The
Shaw's are not here very often and I'm not ever going to be in the
Marshall's. But actually you remember my MTC comp, Elder Green, he is now
in the Marshall's and will probably finish from over there, he is an AP.
Like I said we have had a great week, we had a baptism which was
probably the highlight and we also had quite a few people at church
which was really cool. But we do need to work on finding people. We had
a person move and haven't found anyone new for a little while. Elder
Hosler has been really cool to work with, I hope we are together for a
How has conference been? I am really excited about next week to
listen to it. Elder Hosler's dad told him Pres. Monson mentioned the
Marshall Islands. I'm sure everyone will ask about it, it's funny how
many people still think I'm in the Marshall Islands, any letter or card I
get from ward members they ask how the Marshalls are even grandma
Starkey in the birthday card I just got from her. If people ask just
let them know I'm in Kiribati. It's just funny.
I can't really think of anything else too interesting, If you or
anyone has any questions about Kiribati let me know. It will give me
something to write about. Love you heaps.

Elder Norton

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