Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Mom

Its really great to hear from you too. I didn't exactly get in trouble after April's letter but it was the first thing he said when he saw me. He said that he had gotten an email from my sister and i told him i had already heard and written back and that was it. Things are going great in my new old area, we actually had branch conference yesterday as well, it was pretty good. I am actually really excited to be back in Temaiku. There are four elders here again so it just got split when I came. Because of that we don't have tons of people but we have worked hard and we have found a few new people to teach this week. My companion is awesome he is a hard worker and really wants to be obedient. One thing I want to tell you before I forget is that I just found out that the Shaw's have a blog its called "the best three years" and also a senior couple here in Kiribati has one. I don't know what it's called but that one would be all about Kiribati so you would probably like that one. Their name is Bonemort I'm not sure on the spelling. So definitely check those out.
As for stuff you could send I just today got the boxes you sent at Christmas. I got two from you and one from Emily, if there is anything you sent after Christmas it has not come yet. But some stuff I would like are some deodorant and a calendar. That's all I can think of at the moment, both those things you can't really get here. But thank you for all the Christmas stuff, we had Christmas in March. Tell grandma Starkey thanks for the shirts, I had needed them because I gave a couple away in Butaritari, but I think those and the ones have should last me. If I don't get an email off to Emily tell her thanks a ton as well.
So you are going to have a chicken coop, that's pretty cool, out in Butaritari and here a little you see chickens running all over the place and you find out that roosters don't just crow in the morning they crow whenever they feel like. That's cool that you are working on self sufficiency. One question, in one of your old emails you said grandma Richardson was in the hospital, is she doing all right now? Let her and everyone else know I love them. Well I think that's all for now if you have any questions let me know.

Love ya all
Love Elder Norton

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