Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Mum

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. Tell dad not to drive
himself so hard, he needs to keep himself healthy. I hope you guys took
some pictures of the pumpkin carving. I enjoyed seeing the ones of last
years. Wow, that's so weird to think that it has been two Halloweens now,
time definitely goes fast. Emily already said she would send pictures
of her kids, but tell Erica to as well. I really want to see Eliza's
My companion has not come yet, he hasn't gotten his visa yet so he
flew to the Marshall Islands first. They tell me he is coming this
Thursday we will see if he actually does. But I will be transferred
within a few days, I will be working in Betio. As for a Christmas box
I really can't think of anything in particular I'll try and think about
it more.
That's it from me, love you mum.
Elder Norton

PS I dont think your cellphone has a self destruct button, don't worry
so much.

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