Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Mom

Tell Sam I feel sorry for his suffering, hopefully he will be over
that soon. Have none of the other kids had the chicken pox yet either?
I actually just got another box this week, the one you sent at my
birthday. Thank you very much, me and Elder Hosler actually used stuff
from the Christmas boxes for dinner a couple nights, we made PIZZA!
That was really fun we also used those microwave dinners. It was pretty
lucky that I was in this house, it's one of the only ones with a
Have you had a chance to check out those blogs yet? I'm just
curious. It's crazy to think that conference is coming up again. We
were talking to a guy in our branch who works in the translation
office and he said they have gotten all the talks except the prophets.
I'm really exited to get to listen to conference again, I always love
it. One crazy thought that just hit me, this will be my last conference
here in Kiribati, weird.
Could you do me a favor and give me grandma Richardson's email. I
will try and write a letter to her next week as well but I would like
her email if she has one. Call me a missionary but we need to get her
baptized. I was actually thinking about her the other day, you said the
missionaries gave her a blessing, is she taking lessons currently?
Tell her I love her and I hope she gets doing better and I will be
praying for her. Everyone else in the family doing alright?
Well I am doing great and I hope everyone else is as well. I
think that's about it from me, talk to you next week.

- Elder Norton

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