Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Mum

Thanks for telling everyone, I got emails from Emily, Erica, and
April. I will be leaving tomorrow and working with one of the elders
there for a couple weeks and then Elder Foast who just came today will
come out to Butaritari as well. So yes my new companion has come I
just won't be really working with him for a little while. I don't think
I will be able to email so I will try to get letters out every week
but you know how slow that can be so the next time you hear from me
could be at Christmas time. As far as I know we are for sure coming in
for Christmas. You don't need to hurry the box you will send, it doesn't usually
take too long.
I am really exited to go out again. I know a bit about it, Elder
Rameka actually served there so I have known about it for a while and
have always kind of hoped I could work there. So don't worry about me I
will be fine. I will write and I will see you all at Christmas.
I love you heaps mom.
Love Spencer.

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