Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Mauri te utu ae moan te boboto iaon te aonaba,
(hello the best looking family in the world)

Mom, I need to start off with a huge apology. I was horrible about
writing letters out in butaritari. I'm so sorry if you worried but for
some reason I had a really hard time getting a letter out. I got one
letter from you in January that was from November. It's just so slow out
there. But as you apparently already know I just got back to Tarawa on
Thursday, I haven't seen the mission president yet but I'm sure he will
have something to say to me after April's email but I deserve it for
not trying harder.
But yea I am back on Tarawa and the funny part is I am also back in
Temaiku my first area. My companion is a new elder I will be training
named Elder Hosler. He is from Blanding Utah. I'm actually really
excited to be back in Temaiku. It's a good area and this time around I
can actually speak to the people here. Butaritari was really good but
also really challenging. The work was pretty slow, but there are lots
of really great people and it is beautiful. I read through all the
emails people have been sending, it seems like a lot has happened. I was
excited to hear about Lucy's birth (but she was supposed to be born on
the 11th) I hope she is doing great. And tell Sarah congrats on her
decision to be baptised. I would like to send everyone an email but
the internet was being really slow and I had to do an online survey
for missionaries that took a little while. So let everyone know that I
love them and appreciate everything they have done for me. As for
stuff I need I don't really know right now because the zone leaders
haven't gotten me my other bags or the packages that have been waiting
here so if you could wait till next week I will look at that stuff and
see if there is anything I might need. And the last thing happy
belated birthday to everyone especially to you mom. I love you so much
and I'm so glad you are my mom thank for your prayers. I heard a song
from one of my comps Cd's about a mom praying for her son on his
mission it reminded me of you, so just thank you for being my mom.
Well I think that's it for this week I'm really excited to hear from
you all next week. I love you all heaps.

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