Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Email 6/19/11

Dear family
Mauri! It's great to hear about everyone, sounds like people are going to have a fun summer. Sorry about last week I thought I would have time to email at the Steed's house but it didn't end up happening so if I don't answer your questions from last week just re ask next week. I'm doing alright we had a pretty slow, kinda rough week but I'll just have to work harder this week. One thing just to let you know mom, I got some money out of my account last week and there was no problem. We didn't have any baptisms last week but I think we will this week. Tell Mattie that I have for sure found her a pen pal (I hope she still wants one) and actually maybe two. I asked one girl about it and she was excited but then Elder Tamwe brought it up at dinner with another family and the mom was excited about the idea so we will see about that. I don't have the address yet so next week just let me know for sure if she wants a pen pal and I'll get the address for her and tell her more about the girls. Not really to much else I can think about myself to say.
Anything else exciting happening? That's cool that you are using those free flights. I definitely agree with April that the free flights should extend to siblings. It so crazy to hear that Molly is going to girls camp. Its still weird to think of her in young women's. I hope Dad and Grandpa both had a good Fathers Day i wrote something to Dad's email but if you could tell Grandpa happy Father's Day. Its been really cool getting emails from a couple people each week so thanks. I think that's about it from me, the picture is of the Kiribati Parliament house. I took it from the bus, I thought it looked kind of cool.
I hope everyone keeps doing good.
Love Elder Norton

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