Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Email 6/5/11

Dear fam
First off Happy Birthday Dad !
I feel really bad I completely forgot, I hope you had a good birthday. I always seem to forget this stuff, I saw recently an Elder whose family had sent him a calender that had all their family birthdays and stuff on it. So maybe next time you guys send stuff you could stick something like that in there.
I'm doing alright, I got a letter this last week with tax papers but you obviously already sent them, apparently it took two and a half weeks to get here ya got to love the mail to Kiribati. In that letter mom you asked about the Tsunami warning, apparently all the missionaries on Tarawa went to the senior couples houses at Moroni high but I never even heard about it till after I got back to Tarawa. I guess they figure there is no point in telling us when we're in outies cause there is no where to go. There really isn't on Tarawa either, if a tsunami comes to Kiribati there is no high ground. Anyways thanks mom for taking care of my tax stuff. To answer your questions we did have our baptism with Touati it was pretty last minute so we didn't have many people come, he got interviewed Saturday morning and Elder Tamwe insisted we do it that evening. It turned out alright but was a bit disorganized. I was really happy to see Touati get baptized, he is 18 and even before we started teaching him he has come to church consistently and he started reading the Book of Mormon in English as well as Kiribati, he s a cool guy. Second, we have quite a few people we are teaching right now, sometimes its kind of hard getting to everyone. Third, lately we have had a good mix of ages for people a couple older people, young single age, and a few younger. But in Temaiku it seemed like it was mostly younger people, it seems here younger people are more willing to listen to us but we have good range we are teaching right now.
I'm sorry this will be short but we have our combined p day today and my companion is waiting on me. It was great to hear about everyone, tell everyone that i love them.
Love Elder Norton

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