Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Email 6/26/11

Dear fam
Mauri, as always its great hearing from home, it sounds like everyone is doing good. Tell Erica and Jake congrats from me, that's exciting (that's two now that I'll miss). I wont be able to print Mattie's letters this week because the person that does that isn't here I guess but I should be able to get the email addresses for both girls families and then Mattie can just email them if that would work better. The picture I'm sending is of my religious education class I teach at the primary school in Buota. Elder Tamwe teaches class 1 to 3 and I teach class 4 to 6. They have it at most primary and some junior secondary schools, the missionaries from all the different churches come and teach. I actually really enjoy it here (we did it in Marakei as well), my kids I teach are really cool. But anyways the girl on the end with the long braid is Christina, one of the girls for Mattie to write. She is our branch presidents daughter and is 11 years old.
I'll try and make sure and get things worked out for Mattie this week because we have zone conference this week and I think I'm probably getting transferred, we`ll see what happens i guess. We just got two new senior couples this past week (one from Orem, one from Nevada) because we have one leaving on Tuesday. The name of the couple leaving is the Steed's. Elder Steed was our mission nurse and they were both really cool. They live in pleasant grove so if Dad's still at the airport who knows he might see them. I'm doing alright I'm pretty tired today because last night I spent most of the night in the bathroom, you gotta love Kiribati diarrhea, you never know when it will strike, but I'm alright today. Random question who is the Secretary of state right now? People said he came but I don't know who it was. Anyways not much else to say today. Love you all.

Love Elder Norton

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