Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here are a few of the pictures that Spencer recently sent. It gives us just a little taste of some of the experiences he is having.

All loaded up in a truck headed to watch General Conference.

Spencer with some pigs.

They got stuck in some muck trying to take a short cut.

These blisters are from a little green fly whose pee is like acid. They've cleared up now but were pretty nasty.

The best tuna sandwich ever!

Rolling out tortillas with a vanilla bottle.

His socks hanging in the rain.

Their Well.

This is a Relief Society Meeting. Spencer says " Even in the bush of Tarawa the Relief Society has flowers and a table cloth.

Baby Octopus for dinner.

Spencer's first baptism.

WWII gun mount.

Christmas Island International Airport.

His name tags in the 2 languages.
In Honolulu.

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