Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Email 9/18/2010

Sorry to everyone who checks this blog for updates on Spencer, I haven't been very good at keeping it up. This is the first of three emails and one letter that I need to get on here. I promise to try to be better and to not keep getting that far behind.

Dear Family,
My week has gone really well here. I got your package mom, it was awesome, thank you so much. The president brought it with him, he's here for zone conference. I guess Emily's package wasn't there yet but thank you for sending one. Packages come from the Marshall's whenever the plane flies between or when the president comes so I'm not sure when things will get here. There are about 40-50 active members in our branch, the ones I've met have been awesome. Hopefully with four of us in the branch that number will go up. Our housing is actually pretty good. I talked about it in the letter I sent last week but one thing has changed, in the letter I said that we had no running water but our tanks got filled the other day so now we can, we haven't really used it because with four in the house it would go pretty fast so we still shower with the bucket of well water but it's really not bad. The food so far has been pretty good, so far I've eaten tuna, flying fish, chicken, breadfruit, a ton of rice and a lot of other stuff I can't count. The weirdest thing has been octopus, you have to squeeze out the little beak before you eat it and it has a very rubbery texture, but really the people here always give the missionaries the best that they have. It makes me feel kind of bad sometimes but the people love the missionaries. We've gotten free bus rides and free pictures just because we're missionaries. The members here are awesome. So we have zone conference on Wednesday, Elder Hamula of the Seventy comes tomorrow so that will be cool, everyone says he's awesome. I met with the president for the first time, he seems like an awesome guy, I'm excited to work with him. The work has been going well, Atuti should be baptized this week so I'm really excited about that. So, I'm doing great, I love you all and hope everyone keeps doing well.
Love, Elder Norton

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