Monday, November 22, 2010


I just wanted to put a quick note on here to tell everyone that Spencer was transferred. He is now serving on one of the outer islands called Marakei. He will no longer be able to email and won't be able to call for Christmas. He should be able to make his Christmas call in January when he returns to Tarawa for Zone Conference. His companion is Kiribati, Elder Tiree. He said that he hopes to get a letter out but for now we don't know how well the mail will work and don't have an address for him so all letters should be sent to the mission home. Since he isn't going to be able to talk to anyone at Christmas and isn't sure he will get a letter out he says Merry Christmas to everyone. He says although he knows that this time of year will be hard he knows he is where he is supposed to be. He did get one Christmas package before he left so he will have something for Christmas. He also was supposed to be having a couple more baptisms before he left Tarawa. This will probably be an interesting experience for Spencer, from what we hear about the island there in not a lot of electricity and the lifestyle is pretty primitive so it will definitely be different for him but I think it will be neat for him. Though we don't know when or how he will be able to get letters, please keep writing and send the letters to the mission home address, he should at least get them in January, if we get a more direct address for him I will post it here.

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