Thursday, October 21, 2010

Email 10/10/10

Dear Norton Family,

How is everyone? I'm doing really well here. General conference was awesome the first two sessions were on Saturday afternoon and evening then priesthood and the Sunday sessions were all day Sunday. They showed it at Moroni since that's also our stake center so it was a ways away for our branch. The branch presidency arranged for a truck that could pick people up. That was really good because we got a lot of people to come that likely wouldn't have. We had quit a few investigators and recent converts there. The first day the Kiribati version wasn't working so I was a little worried that some people wouldn't come back on Sunday, but I think everyone came back and they had the Kiribati version working. It was really cool. All the talks were of course great I think my favorite was president Uchtdorfs talk in priesthood session. Mainly because I really needed to hear it, but they all were incredible.

I finally got all of your letters on Saturday, Thank you all I'm sorry I haven't sent more letters. Today I'm sending home a memory card with a letter explaining some of the pictures. I wanted to write more letters but really only had time for the one. I will try to get some out next week. One thing I could use is a list of birthdays so I can get things sent out before. To answer one question in your letter mom the only scriptures the church has translated into Kiribati so far is the Book of Mormon but they are translating the Doctrine and Covenants now, the Bible we use is a Protestant one because the church says the translation is good.

The work here is still going well, we have some great people we are teaching. I still can't contribute much in lessons but I'm working on trying to talk more. It's not easy but I'm trying to remember what I learned in conference and apply it. Even though it's hard and I can't do much yet I Love It. It's really good hearing from you. Let everyone in the family know that I love them all and say Mauri to the Lady's in the deli for me.

Love, Elder Norton

P.S. I think I may have found someone to give Matties letter to. I haven't asked her yet but she and some of her family speak really good English so i'll see about that.

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