Thursday, October 21, 2010

Email 10/3/2010

Dear Family,

Mauri, ko aura? That is how are you in Kiribati. As always it's great hearing from you. First of a couple of things I forgot or didn't have time to write, I did get Emily's package thanks. It was really fun to get it and great to hear from your family. The other thing I didn't have time to write last week was that there is a sister who just left on her mission to Temple Square,so when you guys are down there keep an eye out for a Sister Ereti. I didn't know her very well but I met her a few times so she might remember me. You could meet someone from Kiribati.

I can't believe that its already October, oh Happy Birthday John, Erica, and Mattie. Sorry I haven't gotten any letters sent out to you. Time just seems to fly by so fast here, particularly on p-day, I will try and do better. Its good to hear that you're all enjoying conference we won't watch it till this coming Saturday and Sunday because of the time difference and the translation. I'm really exited to hear it.
To answer your questions we actually have a stove in our flat which has been really nice we have made pancakes a few times and tortillas. Elder Rameka has some easy recipes he got from one of the senior couples who used to be here, so that's been kinda fun. This week has been pretty good we had another baptism a girl named Tenebo. She's been waiting for ages to be baptized. First she moved and then stoped coming to church for a while,but we worked with her and she was really ready to be baptized. Other then that we have some really great people we are working with.

The language is still coming really slow a big part of the problem is that's it hard for me to not be shy and just talk to people. Elder Rameka has been great though there are times when pushes me to speak which is good but he doesn't push to far. The other thing that is hard is not comparing myself to others.But really its been a good week. Thanks for finding that CD when you send a box if you could also send some band aids. That's all I can think of that I kind of need ,you really don't need worry about it, just whenever. One other thing , from what I've been told its alright if other family members email me I probably won't be able email everyone back just because of time but I'm pretty sure you can write me. I will try to get some pictures sent home soon I haven't taken as many pictures as I should have but there are still quit a few. Well I hope everyone keeps doing well there. I'm sorry this email is so random I never know how to say the things I want to. I love you all so much and thank you for your prayers and support.

Love, Elder Norton

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