Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Off To Serve the Lord

Yesterday evening Spencer was set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Everyone in the family was able to be there as well as the Bishop and the Stake President who set him apart. This morning he finished some last minute packing and got himself ready to go to the MTC. Most of us said our goodbyes at the house before they left, Mom, Dad, Sam, Hyrum, Molly, and Mattie rode down with him. You no longer go into the MTC with the missionaries so they pretty much just dropped him off and, after a couple of hugs, watched him walk away. I didn't go to the MTC, I just said goodbye at the house but I think everyone was already pretty emotional. Having been on a mission it brought back a lot of memories of what that first day felt like. It is a rough day, the next couple of days will probably be hard as everything starts to sink in and he starts to adjust to life as a missionary. The first day is a day filled with so many emotions because you are excited, but you are also scared and nervous about what lies ahead. I have no doubt that Spencer will do great, but as someone who has been where he is now, I know that he can probably use all the support he can get so I added his addresses to the side of the blog. He will only be in the MTC for 3 weeks so if you want to send him a letter there it is probably best to do it soon. As soon as I know his departure date I will put it on here so that everyone will know.

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