Thursday, August 19, 2010

Letter from Elder Norton 08/14/10

In addition to the email that Spencer sent last Saturday he also mailed a letter that was received this week. Some of the letter was a repeat of what he sent in his email but it was longer and gave more detail. Here are some of the new things he told us.

First a little more about his companion. Like the email said his name is Elder Green. His mother is Tongan and his Dad is from America. He told Spencer that you wouldn't even know that his Dad was related to him. His Dad served his mission in the Marshall Islands years ago so his companion already knows a lot about the Marshall Islands.

Another experience Spencer wrote about in his letter was on the first day when they were Reading off the places where the new missionaries were from he heard them say the Marshall Islands. There are two missionaries from the Marshall Islands In the MTC right know. Spencer and his companion were able to speak to them for a few minutes. He said that neither one speaks very good English, One of them prayed in a group meeting and he prayed in Marshallese. Spencer said that it was like nothing he had ever heard before, that scared him pretty bad.

Like he said in his email the first two days were tough but he is doing really well. he writes that while he knows it will still be really hard sometimes, he is tyring to keep himself focused on why he is there and leave the rest up to the Lord.

We are excited to hear more. Hopefully we'll get an email tomorrow.

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