Monday, August 23, 2010

Email 8/20/10

Here is Spencer's Latest Email. He just got his flight schedule which looks long but fun. I can't believe he's leaving the MTC in just a week!

Dear Family,
Thanks Mom for sending my razor I'm sorry I forgot so much stuff. I got a package from Emily which was fun. Thanks Throndsons for all your support. To answer your questions Elder Green is going to the Marshall Islands too. Everyone else in our district is going to Australia except one who is going to New Zealand. I have not had a chance to talk much with the missionary's from the Marshall Islands. We got our travel itinerary today we leave on the 30Th, we go to Honolulu at 11:40 am and we arrive at 2:20 pm, then we leave on the 31st at 12 pm for Fiji and arrive at 6:40 pm on the 1st, then leave on the 2ND at 5 am and arrive in Tarawa , Kiribati at 8 am on the second. Things here are good, there are still bad days and I still don't feel very confident teaching but its getting better. Well I'm sorry this is so short but love you all.

Love, Elder Norton

Here are a few of the sights Spencer might see on his way.

Honolulu Airport

Landing in Fiji

View of Tarawa,Kiribati

Kiribati Airport

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