Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Email

Well yesterday Mom and Dad received their first email from Spencer aka Elder Norton. Sounds like he is doing good.

Dear Family
I got both packages, thanks a ton Mom for sending them. My P day will be on Friday from now on. I am doing well,the first two days were really hard but yesterday something changed and I actually think I can do it now. My companions name is Elder Green from West Jordon and he's been awesome. My teachers have been really good, I'm learning a ton. The real emphasise has been about learning how to be good teacher, how to approach people, get to know them, and teach to their needs. Classes have been really good. I got Moms e-mail, so thanks Mom. I'm really slow with this so it will be really short. Thanks Kelly for the letter it really helped. I hope you all are doing well, I love you all so much.

Love, Elder Norton

I know I'm being a total hypocrite when I say this, but please write him. I know getting letters from family and friends will really mean a lot, especially on the tough days.

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