Monday, September 6, 2010

Journey to the Islands

On Monday mom waited anxiously by the phone all morning in anticipation of Spencer's call. He called around 9:30 The phone kept disconnecting so after a couple of calls he finally went to another phone and was able to get through. He was pretty Emotional about leaving to an unknown place and knowing he wouldn't see us for two years ,but I think that's normal. He told us that he would be going to the Kiribati Islands and that is where he will be serving. He will be learning the native language there. He flew to Honolulu and someone from the mission there picked them up from the airport since their layover was over 24hrs. The Next day He called from the airport in Honolulu .He said that some senior missionaries picked them up and and took them to the Elders apartment where they would be staying for the night. Spencer and the other missionaries went with the Elders to teach a lesson. The Elders taught in marshallese and that kinda freaked Spencer out. After his call they all flew to Fiji and from there he and his companion flew to Tarawa.

When he arrived in Tarawa he sent this Email letting us know he arrived safe.

Dear Family,
I have arrived in Tarawa safely. This is where I will be serving. I don't think I have a lot of time right now but my p-day will be on Monday. I have not met my companion yet. Kiribati is beautiful but very different, the language is crazy but I hope I will able to get it eventually.Well I love you all and hope that you all are doing great.

Love, Elder Norton

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